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August 2013: Tips, eNews and More!

We hope you are enjoying the relaxed pace of the summer, and at the same time getting out and taking advantage of the activities that the season brings.

Have you been involved in a group sport this summer?
With the season winding down, now is the time to look for an indoor activity for the fall. If your choice of sport involves contact or strength and balance, talk to us about a custom fitted mouth guard. Above and beyond the benefits of safety and protecting your smile, some mouth guards have been shown to improve your overall sports performance.

Are you or a family member headed off to school in September?
Many post secondary institutions offer health plans that include dental coverage. If you are enrolled in a post secondary program, remember to look into the coverage offered to you. Your new school schedule may keep you busy, remember to make your oral health a priority.

Enjoy the rest of your summer,

The Team at Haas Dental Centre

Welcome Nicole! and Welcome Back Antonella!

Nicole joined the team at Haas Dental Centre in April of this year. You may recognize her behind the desk or introduced to you as a Preventative Dental Assistant/Dental Coordinator. Nicole and her husband have two young daughters, ages five and ten months, plus a dog to keep them extra busy! She enjoys spending time with her family outdoors and attending all kinds of sporting events.

Be sure to say 'hello' to Nicole during your next visit!

And while you are in the office, be sure to give a warm welcome back to our Go-To-Girl, Antonella!

Antonella recently returned from maternity leave after having her fourth child. She and her family are doing great! Gabriella is now 13 months old and is keeping everyone busy. Isabella, Adriano and Andrew are having so much fun playing, reading and feeding her. Antonella will resume her role as a treatment coordinator; so be sure to speak to her at your next visit to catch up on the latest.

We're glad to have her back!

Cosmetic Dentistry at Haas Dental

When you think of dentistry, you probably think only of what dentists do to improve your health: but what about your appearance?

Cosmetic dentistry is the general term used to describe what dentists may do to improve your appearance. But don't be misled: the improvement in your appearance often leads to improvement in your overall physical (and mental) health.

What does cosmetic dentistry involve?

Often, patients perceive that their teeth are crooked, chipped, stained, or too dark, leading to a smile that's just not right. Cosmetic dentistry aims to correct, repair or cover the imperfection improving the appearance of the patient's smile and often their self confidence.

Some of the procedures currently used by cosmetic dentists are:

  • Bleaching and Whitening
  • Bonding
  • Orthodontics
  • Periodontics
  • Porcelain Crowns
  • Porcelain Veneers
  • Tooth-coloured Fillings
Click here to learn more about all the cosmetic dentistry offered by Haas Dental Centre

Is Your Family Getting Enough Greens?

Leafy green vegetables are one of nature's richest sources of a full spectrum of nutrients.

So look beyond spinach and broccoli and get familiar with kale, collards, swiss chard, arugula, bok choy and other greens you can find at your grocery store, specialty stores and of course farmer's markets depending on the season.

Regardless of your diet, greens should be an essential component of your day. Depending on your taste, there are many ways to get more green veggies into your diet. Through different preparations and by the very nature of vegetables, greens offer very unique flavours and textures. From side dishes to mains - and even in smoothies and juices - there are endless ways to add more leafy green vegetables into your family's diet.

Click here to learn more about how and why you should add more green in your diet and for a great Zesty Kale Krisps recipe!

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