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July 2014: Tips, eNews and More!


The month of June was pretty eventful for Nicole. Nicole and the family celebrated her oldest daughter's, Calie, 6th birthday and her SK graduation. Nicole and some friends also had the chance to get away for a weekend and head up to Niagara-on-the-Lake. While there they did a lot of winery tours and wine tasting. It was Nicole's first time and she is looking forward to doing it again in the near future, hopefully even this summer.


Dr. Dan had a great Father's Day with his kids. Initially his girls resisted biking but eventually agreed after they realized the day wasn't all about them. After all the drama they actually all enjoyed the long bike ride. Dr. Dan's eldest daughter Yael who is eleven spent the first two weeks of the summer at a baby sitting camp. She wasn't thrilled about having to take a written exam but at the end she did very well. Yael is excited that soon she will be attending a Dog Training Camp. What will they think of next? A summer camp on the moon? Dr. Dan's seven year old daughter Limona spent a couple of weeks at an Art & Drama camp and loved the fact that she also got to swim. Limona totally loves dogs but unfortunately she is too young to attend the Dog Training camp so she will be going to a Pet Camp.


Liat, her husband Yossi, and family travelled to Orlando, Florida in the beginning of July and enjoyed visiting a couple Disneyworld parks. Liat also recently celebrate her birthday and took the opportunity to head north for a camping trip at Sibbald Point over a weekend. She also treated the team members to lunch at the office for her birthday celebration.


Diana was a busy bee in June celebrating seven different birthdays. Her niece graduated from high school and is starting university in September. As usual Diana is also planning her next vacation.


Celia and her family had the chance to go visit the Ripley's Aquarium over the Canada Day long weekend. They all had a wonderful time but all agree that the best part of the whole thing was getting to pet the stingrays and seeing the big sharks. In the beginning of July Celia's daughter, Monica, left to Portugal with her grandparents and uncle. Although she was never pleased about going without her mommy she is having an awesome time. Celia is also managing okay not having her daughter around for 5 weeks; she is making the best of all the extra free time.


Antonella and family celebrated Gabriellaís 2nd birthday in June. Gabriella had an Elmo themed party. In the beginning of July Isabella and Andrew finished their season of dance with their final dance competition in Las Vegas. They did very well and Antonella is very proud of them. Adriano has been spending time at his dadís shop learning how to fix cars and is enjoying every minute of it.

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Reduce Radiation Exposure with Digital Dental X-Rays!

X-rays are taken during your first visit to Haas Dental Centre and are taken during subsequent dental check-ups to ensure that there are no developing dental problems. X-rays capture an image of your teeth's internal structure that cannot otherwise be seen. Often dental problems occur under the tooth's enamel or below the gum line. If left untreated, dental problems can cause pain and discomfort.

Many dentists rely on traditional dental X-rays machines that utilize film. The film can take awhile to develop as well as requiring a higher level of exposure to X-ray radiation than is needed with digital technology. At Haas Dental Centre we use digital dental X-ray technology. Digital dental X-rays can be viewed immediately, eliminating the need for you to wait for developing. Digital X-rays reduce your exposure to radiation comparatively while giving a clearer picture that can be resized and enhanced on a computer. This reduces the likelihood that additional image needs to be taken as well as helping us catch potential dental problem in their earliest stages.

Click here to learn more about the digital x-ray machines we use in our office.

Smoky Eggplant Dip

When you're at the farmers' market, be sure to pick up fresh vegetables, including eggplant, spinach and garlic for this delicious smoky eggplant dip. It makes a great healthy snack to enjoy at a BBQ, at the beach or just lounging around the house.

Quick fun fact: Eggplants are technically berries!

Click here for the full recipe!

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