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CORRECTION: Hot Haas Newsletter

Dr. Dan had a busy summer with a knee surgery as his biggest highlight. He has been doing very well and is eager to once again ride his bike to work soon before the winter arrives.

His youngest daughter Limona recently turned eight and got to celebrate her birthday with her sister Yael who is eleven and many friends. They got to handle many interesting pets.

Recently both of Dr Dan's girls and Antonella's four kids were all at the office at the same time to pose for an updated photo. Their ages range from two to thirteen. It is amazing to see how fast they are all growing.

Dr. Dan and the team would like to wish all of our Jewish patients a Happy New Year.
Nicole had a great summer with family and friends. She did a lot of fun things throughout the city and even ventured out to Montreal for a weekend. In July she attended the Jazz festival and got to see Michael Buble's concert. She also went to see a match at the Rogers cup here in town. Towards the end of the summer she went to see Bill Cosby at Casino Rama and spent most days off by the pool with her 2 girls.
Celia had a very laid back and relaxing summer being that her daughter, Monica, was off in Portugal with her grandparents for 5 weeks. Celia got to do a lot of little projects around the house like rearranging furniture and putting up new curtains. She also did a lot more gardening than usual this year. Upon her daughter's return Celia took a week off to send it with her, although the weather wasn't the best to go to the pool or the beach, they did send most of the time out at the park trying to make the most of what was left of their summer.
Antonella's summer was great, time with family and outdoor fun. Now back to school and extracurricular activities begin. Gabriella enjoys dancing and singing.
Diana had a quiet summer. She spent some weekends in Muskoka with friends. She also had the opportunity to see Roger Federer at the Rogers Cup. Diana will be off to Vegas in November on her next adventure. Wish her luck!

Have a safe and healthy month,

The Team at Haas Dental Centre

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